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Did you know that 81% of health informatics graduate students enroll in our program with the goal of career development or advancement? Or that 38% of those students are career changers who are entering the industry for the first time? At UNE Online, we help you get the most out of your hard work so you graduate ready to lead in the workforce.


UNE Online is Top-Ranked

In 2018, the University of New England was named among the “Best Regional Universities in the North” by U.S. News and World Report, landing in the top 15% for student engagement. Our personalized model of support gives each student the care and attention they need to be successful in their program. As most of our students are full-time working professionals, our student support team members provide necessary tools to make the program work for your schedule and life.


How can career services help me?

In addition to providing each UNE Online student a dedicated support coach, we offer complimentary career services. Among the many services students are able to take advantage of through this department are learning how to build their strongest resume, understanding the power of in-person and social networking, and discovering ways to stand out amongst other job seekers.

Working personally with each student, the Career Services department at UNE builds a unique framework to help students achieve their professional goals. We sat with Jeff Nevers, Director of Career Services, to learn more.

“Every career search is distinct. Among the students searching for careers, the most successful ones are those who look at career management in small, manageable pieces.”
– Jeff NeversDirector of Career Services, UNE

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average job seeker spends six months to a full year looking for employment. To help strengthen each layer of the job-finding process, Jeff and his team use a series of steps to build the strongest applicant possible:

  1. Elevator Pitch: Crafting an interesting, concise, and persuasive speech allows you to highlight what makes you unique. This will leave a memorable impression on your audience as you introduce them to your brand. Although this technique can be applied in a variety of professional settings, it’s most often used when networking or job hunting to identify yourself, your goal, and the value of your brand.
  2. Professional Browsing: Get to know the market you’re interested in joining by exploring job descriptions, building a contact base, and understanding the skills most desired in that industry.
  3. Architect Resume & Cover Letter: Build a strong, compelling resume and complimentary cover letter to outline your prior professional achievements.

“Use the 30-60-90 rule when adding cover letter details to show employers how you plan to measure success at the 30, 60, and 90 day benchmarks of the role.”

  1. Informational Interviewing: This effective method of interaction reverses the role of applicant and employer. In this stage, you connect with the hiring team/company directly to learn about their future goals and company mission. This allows you the opportunity to showcase how your experience and efforts will help the employer reach success. Our career services team works closely with you to initiate and engage in these talks with confidence.
  2. Apply: Assemble your strongest application to motivate employers to learn more about you and your strengths
  3. Interview & Accept: Master the interview and feel prepared for each question. As you near the final decision, we help you navigate accepting an offer, negotiating compensation, or weighing additional opportunities.

“We advise students to view the career search process as an extended class assignment. Engage early on, ask every question you have, and utilize the resources available to you to the fullest extent.”

Personalized Service

Like all other areas of the University of New England, our Department of Career Services places the student at the center of what they do. They work with students individually to learn what will work best for their goals and schedule. Whether you prefer a tailored, side-by-side journey or something more independent, the Career Services office will find a solution that makes your dedication and commitment to advance worthwhile.

Services are offered both on-campus and remotely to every one of our students. The Department of Career Services welcomes the opportunity to connect via email, phone call, in-person, or via Skype.

To learn more about how you can benefit from taking advantage of this complimentary offering, we invite you to check out our Portland Campus Career Services.

With Career Services as a major resource, it’s easier than ever to start your career in health informatics. Download our program brochure to learn more:


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