Top Advantages for Earning your M.S. in Health Informatics Online

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A student taking notes from a class on his laptop; this flexibility is one of the advantages of online learningAs technology develops and the schedules of modern life become busier and busier, finding time to advance your education can be challenging. As a result, more students are discovering the benefits of online education. In 2016, an Inside Higher Ed study found the number of students enrolled in a fully online program grew 22% since 2012.

For professionals and career changers pursuing a graduate degree in health informatics, the job market offers growing opportunities to advance. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that jobs within the health information field will accelerate much faster than average. Earning your degree online helps support this growth without disrupting your full-time schedule. Here are several more advantages to online learning:

1. Customized Education for Career-Driven Students

In a 2018 report, 73% of online students reported job and employment goals as their primary motivation to enroll. These goals may include changes in professional fields, adding academic credentials to their resume, or seeking a promotion within their current industry. Pursuing an online degree allows each student to customize their education by choosing a schedule and learning style that best suits their needs. This way, students don’t have to plan their work around class schedules, library visits, and faculty office hours. Plus, as a working professional, you’re able to keep your job while preparing for career advancement.


2. Individual Student Support Specialists

UNE Online is fully invested in the success of each our students. As a result of our student-centered approach, in 2018, UNE Online was recognized in the top 15% for student engagement by U.S. News & World Report. We maintain an unwavering commitment to providing high-quality education to result in a true return on your investment. Our student support team is instrumental in this effort. As a UNE Online student, you’re provided a dedicated support specialist for the length of your program to ensure success.

3. Students Learn How To Work With Technology

The discipline of health informatics connects technology, data, and people to help improve health outcomes, enhance delivery of care, and offer more access to patient education. Technology remains a vital component of the health informatics field to allow professionals to collect, analyze, and interpret all the data received. In completing your degree online, the technological platform introduces students to different styles of communication, record-keeping, and presentation required for success in a wide mix of roles.

4. Added Interaction Leads to an Increased Support Network

With student-to-faculty ratios around 13:1, the opportunity to connect with instructors and interact with classmates is stronger than ever. Through different channels of engagement like discussion boards, direct email correspondence, and live videos, online learning fosters additional interaction between students and faculty than is typically found in larger lecture settings. As a result of these added connections, students are able to expand their network of support.  

For full-time professionals looking to make the next move in advancing their career, gaining an online degree from an accredited program can help your resume stand out amongst job market competition. UNE Online, an HIMSS Approved Education Partner and NEASC accredited university, graduates career-ready professionals who are able and ready to lead in healthcare.

For more information about earning your M.S. in Health Informatics or about UNE Online, download our program brochure.


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