Defining and Applying Health Informatics

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Megan Landry, Program Director, answers "Why is Health Informatics important?"

Megan Landry, MHA, RN, Program Director, Health Informatics

Presented by Megan Landry, the UNE Online Health Informatics Program Manager, this talk discusses the background of health informatics, why it’s important, and how widespread it has become in today’s modern world.

In this presentation, Megan uses real-life examples to further define the field and illustrate its impact in present-day health applications. Health informatics helps strengthen the relationship of healthcare and technology to ultimately deliver improved patient outcomes. Join us as she shares some of the key ways it’s happening today.

Quotes from the presentation:

“Why is health informatics important? In hospitals, medical information is not getting to who it needs to get to in a timely fashion and errors are happening all the time. Based on our estimates, medical error is the third most common cause of death in the U.S. This is why we need to make this system better.” (13:46)

“Instead of saying ‘smoking kills,’ you can say, well, men your age in your county have died from lung disease and you can really make that a lot more tailored to the actual person and hopefully get more buy-in.” (15:24)

On mobile health: “This is about the app culture. People wanting to get care on their phone. Where we need to inject ourselves as informaticians is to make sure that that care is quality, efficient, and safe” (20:18)

Why is Healthcare Informatics Important?

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