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The following resources

have been compiled by faculty & staff of the UNE Online Health Informatics programs

Telehealth: On Demand Healthcare

Over 75% of U.S. healthcare delivery organizations presently use a telehealth system in at least one of their hospital units, and telehealth growth is expected to continue as top health systems list it as one [...]

Defining and Applying Health Informatics

Megan Landry, MHA, RN, Program Director, Health Informatics Presented by Megan Landry, the UNE Online Health Informatics Program Manager, this talk discusses the background of health informatics, why it's important, and how widespread [...]

Igniting FHIR for Healthcare

As a promising solution to the challenge of healthcare interoperability, FHIR threads together all the pieces of a patient’s story to allow for a more comprehensive and detailed point of care. With internet-based consumer experiences [...]

Webinar: Blockchain Principles & Practice in Healthcare

Learn more about blockchain fundamentals and how this digital technology works within healthcare. Blockchain has already found ways to improve security, interoperability, and enhance the overall patient experience. Where will this ledger-based system take healthcare [...]

Health Informatics Landscape White Paper

The Emerging Health Informatics Landscape: What and Where? A Look at Portland, Maine The healthcare industry is an important employer in the state of Maine. Of the top ten largest private employers in the state, [...]

What Exactly is Health Informatics?

Health informatics can mean different things to different people depending on where you work in the healthcare spectrum. Is it someone that can build a database and manipulate data using programs like R and [...]

The Evolution of Health Informatics

National Health IT Week is a wonderful opportunity to consider the many ways that technology and data have made an impact on the health and healthcare around the globe. While there is still so much work [...]

HIMSS Big Data & Healthcare Analytics Forum

The Big Data & Healthcare Analytics Forum, hosted by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) was held on October 24-25 in Boston. The University of New England’s Graduate Program in Health [...]

Health Informatics Informational Webinar

This short, 15-minute informational webinar discusses: Overview of the field of Health Informatics Industry trends The benefits of getting a degree in Health Informatics Health Informatics salary information Potential careers in Health Informatics University of New [...]

Why Health Informatics?

Health Informatics lives at the intersection of health and technology. Health Informatics professionals work to improve healthcare delivery through the integration of data and patient care –  in order to achieve better patient outcomes. [...]